15.10.21 Breast Self-Exam

Routine breast self-examination is an important screening tool that aids in overall body mindfulness. Being familiar with your body and the consistency of your breasts will help you monitor any changes.

Try these steps monthly to better understand what is normal for your breast size, shape, and symmetry:

  • Examine breasts in a mirror, looking for any skin abnormalities such as dimpling, puckering, or discoloration.

    A. Hold arms over head

    B. Place palms on hips and press, flexing chest muscles

  • Squeeze nipple to check for any fluid or discharge.

  • Feel for any unusual mass, lump, or thickness.

    Use pads of fingers to explore the breast and surrounding area - from collarbone to the bra line, and the armpit to the breastbone.

    1. In a spiral path, move fingers in small circles from outer edge to nipple

    2. Feel using light, medium and firm pressure

    3. Pay special attention to the area between breast and armpit

    4. Repeat on other breast

  • Perform exam in the shower or using Body Oil to help glide fingers along easily.

  • Lie down and repeat these steps.